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Live Recording

I teach a small group of students each year who are looking to get better at live performance.

I work primarily with guitarists and vocalists.

What is Performance Coaching


Performance coaching helps musicians identify and assess their unique challenges and strengths and helps performers learn the valuable mental skills that will enable them to perform at high levels.


Performance skills help musicians:

  • Eliminate limiting or ineffective beliefs that can keep them from reaching their full potential

  • Develop a strong and stable practice and performance confidence

  • Learn to focus on what’s most important in practice and performance

  • Deal with frustration, distractions, and doubts

  • Let go of mistakes and frustration

  • Use the positive characteristics of perfectionism and eliminate the unhealthy ones

  • Identify the fear that can keep them from performing their best

  • Set appropriate and effective goals

  • Use effective pre-performance routines to build confidence and focus

  • Incorporate mental rehearsal, imagery, and positive self-talk into preparation

  • Devise effective and efficient practice plans

How do you know if you need performance coaching?

If you are thinking about contacting a performance coach or someone has mentioned it to you, it might be something you should seriously consider. The answers to the following questions may help you determine if you need work on the mental side of your performing:

  • Am I performing up to my ability?

  • Do I perform as well in concert, auditions, competition as I do in practice?

  • Do I have a tough time performing well in front of others?

  • Do I doubt my ability before, during, or after performance?

  • Am I anxious or scared when I perform?

  • Do I feel bad about myself when I don’t perform well?

  • Do I get distracted easily in performance?

  • Do I want to take my performing to the next level?

Do you have more questions?

The quickest way to reach me is through my contact form. I really want to speak with you so please include your phone number and the best time to reach you. I will do my best to contact you within 24 hours.

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